Celina Rupp’s passion for jewellery is inspired by the coasts, landscapes, history and heritage of Orkney, the place she calls home.

Having started her career in jewellery making when she left school, she launched her own self-titled business 14 years ago from her spare bedroom. Celina’s first collection featured Orkney’s beautiful and poignant Italian Chapel, built during the Second World War by Italian prisoners. The collection continues to be popular today.

Specialising in solid silver handcrafted pieces featuring semi-precious gemstones, her collections draw on everything from Norse and Celtic mythology and Viking traditions, to popular Scottish motifs like the Highland Cow. The beguiling and dramatic seas and coastlines around Orkney are also an endless source of inspiration. All these influences help Celina to create timeless and unique pieces, which will be enjoyed for generations.

Celina Rupp Jewellery has expanded considerably since its humble beginnings, now occupying a popular gallery space and workshop in the parish of Holm, Orkney.